Vasudev scales n electronics India for weighing & measuring equipment

Portable Platform Scales ( Loose Weight type )

Portable Platform Scales are being considered for easy and portable weighing where product value is not too high as these scales eliminate the need of bigger space and heavy dead weights which ultimately reduces labor cost.Besides these advantages these scales are highly portable and can be moved easily from one place to another with the help of provided wheels. Tough built requires less maintenance cost. Capacity ranges from 50 Kg to 500 Kg.Major area of applications are Farming fields, ware houses, Coal dealers, Oil and lubricants , Fruit and vegetable markets etc.Brand available with us are ATLAS , AVERY and VASUDEV.  

Portable Platform Scale (Notch type)

Another Kind of Portable Platform scale are easy to use as Loose weights are replaced by notch type Major and Minor poise. These types are first choice for Industrial users where harsh working conditions are real challenges to sustain weighing scales weighing efficiency with required accuracy.

This range starts from 300 kg and goes up to 5000 Kg. Howrah and Coimbatore are known to be major manufacturing hubs for these kind of Platform scales. Platform size ranges from 600 x 600, 900 x 90, 1200 x 1200 and 1500 x 1500 MM

Beam scale with Stand and Pan set

A typical Beam Scale  with Pipe Stand and Pan

These kind of weighing equipment are known to be in use since time immortal and today also where Power supply is really a problem and item intended to be weight is low in cost these type of scales are the first choice of the customers. Government controlled Mandi samiti , village market in deep rural areas are top customers of these kind of Balances. Entire system is really easy to setup and use. Basic is a Beam scale made of Iron plate , A stand and a set of Pan is used. Although managing heavy dead weights made of cast iron  require extra laborers.  Capacity ranges from 5 Kg to 300 Kg along with pan size of 400 mm to 600 mm.



Personal Weighing scales

Today Health is a major concern for every one . Our wide range of Personal weighing scales help you to keep watch on your weight . This ultimately help you to maintain a healthy weight for better health. A range of Mechanical Personal weighing scales includes brand like KRUPS , VIRGO , Salter of England , Crown etc.  Different models in assorted colours and designs give you liberty to choose one  according to your home decor.


Even after Evolution of Hitech Digital weighing scales importance of Mechanical Bullion scales and Bullion Brass weights has not diminished . These are kept in showrooms for cross checking of results and for Tradition that is integral part of Bullion trade. These Scales are available from Capacity of 200 g to 15 Kg . Where as Bullion weights are available from 10 Kg to 10 mg