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Weigh bridges in both streams i.e. Mechanical as well as Electronic are available in all types and sizes.
Choosing right capacity and size play an important role to get full advantage of a Road Weigh bridge.
Prior to sales our technical team help to decide the suitable product which is based upon Location, soil quality , accessibility and economics to offer the full value product.

Three types of Weigh Bridges are Popular today.

1. Pit type :

Where a pit is made to assemble the entire weigh      bridge in to it. It is suitable for permanent type of installation
Here the weighing platform is matched with the ground level.

2.Pitless type :

Here the whole Weigh bridge is installed under a tough built Iron ramp and construction of the Pit is eliminated.Suitable for damp places where water may be a problem. It is also recommended when movement of weigh bridge is expected due to shifting of job.


Besides providing new Weighbridges to weigh heavy vehicles we owe expertise to provide re-installation of weighbridges if one is required to be shifted from one place to another. We also undertake the job of converting old conventional mechanical weighbridges into fully Digital one. 


ESSAE Hanging

Full Stainless steel body .  

Red LED Display. Inbuilt backup.

Capacity : Up to 200 Kg.

Application : In Cranes , Jute bags . LPG and oxygen cylinders. SME

Human Weighing scale .

Capacity : 200 Kg .Display : FIP Green.

Coin operation.

Application: Malls, Clinics, Hospitals , Gyms and Homes